Bari Lyman

I created the Meet to Marry™ method because I’m passionate about helping single men and women break through whatever has been standing in their way of finding extraordinary love. This method, which has worked for hundreds of singles, helps you “Be The One to Find The One,” which is the motto and the foundation of my work.

As a former relationship-challenged single, I understand exactly what causes singles to find themselves stuck in frustrating, never-ending patterns of always attracting the “wrong” ones. My own pattern used to involve attracting outwardly handsome, charismatic men who also happened to be emotionally unavailable and narcissistic or men who didn’t share my vision, values, or goals and definitely didn’t appreciate the best parts of me. I should have run the other way—but I didn’t. I was an expert in my issues and highly self-aware. I started therapy when I was 12 years old and spent years in Codependents Anonymous meetings, doing inner child work, being a serial optimist, and participating in various personal growth seminars, including Landmark education. Nevertheless, I remained stuck in cement shoes for years and years—only knowing my problems intellectually. My relationship challenges lived on in spite of how fine things looked from the outside. I was running a successful recruiting and coaching company and had great friends. But I remained a love junkie and was almost addicted to the wrong people. I always felt like something was wrong, but I just couldn’t figure out how to change my situation.

Finally, after many years of struggling and living in my own version of the movie Groundhog Day, I had a breakthrough—a huge “aha” moment—that totally changed the direction of my love life. I realized in a very low moment with the last of the narcissistic men I dated that it was ME that needed to shift. The men I was attracting weren’t actually the problem. I was the common denominator, and that was such great news because changing other people isn’t possible. I knew that with the proper mindset and support, I could change my reality. And I did.

It was that revelation that set me on the greatest journey of my life. I started developing a method for creating a clear path to meeting and marrying an amazing husband. It worked. I met him over 10 years ago. I’m blessed to have a marriage and partnership beyond my wildest dreams. It’s truly a miracle to love and be loved as I am—with my strengths and weaknesses—and to live a life of partnership, adventure, and joy.

The Meet to Marry™ method emerged from my own experience, and I refined it to meet the needs of smart, successful singles of all ages and backgrounds who want to find their one. The original version of the method is outlined in my book Meet to Marriage: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded, which Stephen Covey praised for being “smart, principled, and engaging.” The method has evolved a great deal since the book was published, and now I mainly work with singles through my Finding The One and Dating Camp online courses (which features self-paced modules, live group coaching calls, and a private forum) as well as through private concierge coaching. In Finding The One, we create the inner shift that makes the space necessary for love. In Dating Camp, participants learn how to date in a totally new, inspired way with principles and hands-on support.

All of the participants in my programs have a few things in common. They come to me saying that they feel as though they’ve tried absolutely everything and that nothing’s worked. They also worry, deep down that maybe love just won’t happen for them. The step-by-step method they learn in my programs leads them to a big shift and helps them create their own exciting and direct path to love. It’s a fun and results-oriented approach that works.

Honestly, the results are so amazing, and it warms my heart to hear about my clients’ success stories. Here are two of the things I hear most frequently: “You showed me how to go from being a dater who was paralyzed by fear into an inspired and empowered dater” and “Your tough love, no-nonsense, and very clear minded approach were invaluable.” Even the most cynical and frustrated singles get great results.

Are you ready for your own breakthrough?

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BariLymanPicBari Lyman is the creator of the Meet to Marry method™, which has helped hundreds of single men and women blast through whatever has been getting in their way of finding their perfect match. She’s also the author of Meet to Marry: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded, which earned Stephen Covey’s praise for being “smart, principled and engaging.”